Tonight’s mystery artists have a hit song that is actually two songs connected by and engineering mistake.  Can you guess the song or the band??

This interesting story is found on Song Facts about the ZZ Top song /songs, ‘Waiting For The Bus – Jesus Just Left Chicago’.  Written separately Dusty Told Spin Magazine that on a whim he had taken the bus to people watch which is something he likes to do which prompted 'Waiting For The Bus'.  So where did Jesus come in?  Well according to Billy Gibbons as he talked with Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited:

 "The two songs "Waitin' For The Bus" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago" were written separately during sessions that were not too far apart. We were in the process of compiling the tracks for the album Tres Hombres, and that segue was a fortunate miscalculation by the engineer. He had been attempting to splice out some blank tape, and the result is that the two come off as a single work. It just seemed to work."