Tonight’s mystery artist in their bar days bought a K-Tel record with tunes by the Kinks on it that they then learned and played at all their gigs to the point one of them would be released as a single by the band.  Think you know who they are or the Kinks song they sold to a new generation??

This story comes from Ultimate Classic Rock as told by David Lee Roth in a Van Halen biography. David said:

"Back in our bar days, I bought a double-album from K-Tel or something that 30 Kinks tunes on it. We learned all of one side and played them into the dirt during the club gigs, twice a night each one, because they sounded good and they were great to dance to."

When Warner Bros. contracted Van Halen much to Eddie’s dismay their Kinks cover of ‘You Really Got Me’ was chosen as their first single.  Eddie had hoped their first single would have been something original but needless to say it all worked out fine.

Here they are with tonight’s featured song.

Incarnation number one.