Tonight’s mystery artist said he won’t be apart of the Woodstock Anniversary because it’s too hot in America in August. Think you can guess who our easily over heated rocker might be??

This interesting comment came to light while our artist was out promoting his new book 'Thanks A Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story',  from Roger Daltrey of The Who as to why won’t be participating in this much anticipated event. He told this to Billboard Magazine just the other day. Roger also remarked that he didn’t feel that Woodstock was something that could be recreated, saying:

“You can't redo Woodstock because the stars of Woodstock were the audience. You can celebrate the date, but you can't redo [the festival]. Nobody's approached us about it, anyway, but I really wouldn't be interested in something like that."

He went on to say that, at the age of 75, these days he feel like doing something different but he has no idea what that would be and there you have it. He isn’t totally idle though.  He will be on a Rock Legend Cruise next month and he is hoping to create a new solo album from the Tommy tour he did with an orchestra last year.

Here he is with tonight's features The Who song

Here he is with the orchestra.

Here is one of their original Woodstock performances.