Tonight’s mystery artist created a unique drum beat trying to copy Charlie Watts and being completely unable to do it. Can you guess who it was or the unique song that would come out it the attempt??

This story was told to Rolling Stone by Mick Fleetwood. Goes like this Lindsey Buckingham was a fan of the unusual rhythm in the Stone's Street Fighting Man' played by Charlie and he felt inspired him to write a song with a similar beat.  However when he played the beat for Mick no matter how hard Mick tried he just couldn’t replicate it and wound up playing something all together different.  Mick claims the reason for his issue on his dyslexia and despite his ineptitude he came up with a new beats that worked really well for the song, ironically named, ‘Go Your Own Way’  According to Mick the style is so peculiar other drummers can’t usually understand how to do it.

Here's tonight's featured song.