Today for Throwback Thursday, we wanted to know: What was your favorite Christmas carol were when you were a kid?

JStew: Most would assume, for obvious reasons, that Little Drummer Boy would be my favorite. But let's be real.... From a drummer's perspective, Little Drummer Boy is a pretty boring song. Back a decade or so, haha, my old band decided to do something about that. I'll let you decide if it's more drummer appropriate. Hahaha.



Cori: Christmas was (and still is) my favorite season, and for me a lot of that has to do with the music. As an adult, and someone who grew up singing in Choirs and choruses in school, I loved the beautiful old carols, even the classical music surrounding the season. But as a really little kid, I remember two songs that really made me laugh, and thus embedded themselves into my memory as favorites. The first was this version of "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth." The whistles in this one...I mean...come on. They used to make my siblings and laugh so hard.

The second one is a much lesser known song, from a totally obscure album that came with an Avon order my mom had placed one year. It was an album was called Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and it was done by the Peppermint Kandy Cane Kids. There were a bunch of great Christmas songs on this one, including "Morris The Moose" and "Chris Chris The Christmas Tree." But the song I remembered almost all of the words to was a song called "Roly Poly The Polar Bear." It was a rockin' little jam.

We were both a little surprised at how seriously folks actually took this question. Not sure what we were expecting, but as usual, you all came through with great answers. Let's check them out!

Cheryl McManus The Grinch
Doug Springer Heatmeizer/Snowmeizer
Kari Jo Davis All of my life,I've loved,chestnuts roasting on an open fire. That being said, anything sung by Elvis is my favorite too.
Wendy Clewley Whams last Christmas,I was 10 when that came out.
Jen Megquier O Come all ye faithful has always been a favorite

Jade Prout Run-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis." Definitely the only Christmas song that rhymes "Hollis, Queens" with "collard greens."

Roger-Shirley George “Mary did you know” is our favorite

Harley Jones It's not really a carol per se, but the Charlie Brown theme is the greatest jazz standard ever arranged.

Doug Fogg From childhood? Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen.
Cecile Beaulieu I’ve heard many versions of the Christmas Song but my all time favorite one is by Johnny Mathis...
Corey Hennessy Adeste Fideles
Felicia Richard Anything Brenda Lee, but G’s is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!
Megan Bridges It begins and ends with Alvin and the Chipmunks singing "Christmas Don't Be Late".
Keri Whitney The Ronettes version of Sleigh Ride


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