In the most 2024 thing that ever 2024ed, TikToker Richmond Staunton Keeling (@richmondkeeling) captured the moment when, while waiting parked at arrivals at the airport, he saw numerous people walking up to the woman standing in front of his vehicle and asking her for photos.

Not knowing who this person was, Richmond did what any red-blooded curious American would do: he asked his 15,000 TikTok followers to help him identify her.

In the video captioned, "Who is this human?" Richard says:

I watched, like, three people walk up to this lady and take a photo with her. Will somebody please tell me who she is, please and thank you.

Internet Sleuths Activate!

Immediately, the commenters flew into action, noting that the celebrity in question was none other than Freaks & Geeks/Dawson's Creek/Cougar Town alum Busy Philipps:

"Omg i love Busy Phillips" (sic) and "Is that THE Busy Phillips??" (sic) were the typical comments.

Another jumped in with "have u never seen white chicks???????????????????" referencing the 2004 cult-classic in which Philipps appeared.

The winning comment came not from the comments on Richmond's video, but from the celebrity herself, seen below. Philipps, in her usual playful and no-nonsense way simply posted the video on her Instagram with the comment: "It's me."

Busy Philipps Responds to TikToker
Busy Philipps on Instagram (@busyphilipps)

Another Celebrity Search

This adorable match-making moment is reminiscent of a famous story told by Tig Notaro on the talk show circuit. In her story, she describes a perplexing moment when she was seemingly the only person on a plane who didn't recognize a celebrity sitting next to her. Notaro is infamous for not being able to match names to faces.

So, who was the celebrity? Internet sleuths eventually identified Notaro's mysterious seatmate as Rebecca Wisocky, an actress known for her roles in Devious Maids and Ghosts.

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