Lately, restaurants have added new fees to bills, making people a bit curious and a tad frustrated. These charges cover things like inflation and credit card fees, according to Columbus Monthly. But there is a new one that is going around local Maine restaurants.

Recently, I noticed a commenter on Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page telling the group that she recently enjoyed a meal at a local Lewiston establishment, noticed a "wellness fee" on her bill, and was confused as to what it was. It is not a mandatory expense, but it’s new to us. What is a wellness fee?

According to Columbus Monthly, these new health and wellness fees help pay for the employees' healthcare benefits.

TODAY also did a report on this. A woman posted a video which went viral last year about this new fee on her bill, which sparked a debate. TikToker Ashley Nicole posted a video of her bill showing an extra $4.75 charge for "employee health." She went on to ask the server and the, server said, "Oh, that’s our healthcare."

@ashnichole_xo Is this normal?? #greenscreen#receipt#employeehealth#restaurant♬ original sound - Ashley Nichole
One TikTok comment read, "If I’m paying for someone’s health, Can I now claim them as a dependent on my taxes right?!?"
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