A suspect was fatally shot by police after an alleged break-in, a house fire where human remains were found, and a shootout with police.

43-Year-Old Man With a History of Domestic Violence Was Shot by Police

Leein Hinkley, 43, was shot and killed by Police during a standoff in Auburn. Details of the incident were given during a Media conference on Saturday afternoon.

The Timeline is Terrifying, With an Armed Gunman Taking to a Residential Rooftop

It was just before 1:00 Saturday morning when a female reported to the police that her significant other was in a fight with a man who was allegedly trying to break into her Russell Avenue residence with a gun. While she was on the phone with police, officials say shots could be heard from the residence. While Auburn Police responded, the female ran from the home.

UPDATE: Human remains were found inside the home where the original call to the police was made. An autopsy will be conducted by the Chief Medical Examiner to determine the person's identity and cause of death.

The timeline of the frightening events that followed the officers arrival is as follows:

  • 1:09 am - Officers arrived at the scene and found the woman hiding on Russell Avenue. A house on the street was on fire and police say they could hear yelling coming from inside. She told police that the male subject breaking into her residence is Leein Hinkley. Smoke detectors could be heard going off in the home and through one of the windows officers observed fire engulfing the building.
  • 1:15 am - Auburn Police Officers reported Hinkley had fired shots at them. There were also members of the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office on the scene.
  • 1:23 am - Hinkley could be heard yelling at the officers from inside the building. Auburn Police requested help from the Maine State Police Tactical Team.
  • 1:27 am - Auburn Police reported that Hinkley was shooting at them again and a second Russell Avenue house was on fire.

At this point, Hinkley briefly took shelter in a nearby garage on Russell Avenue but, when the homeowner alerted his presence to the police, he fled to another home on the street and started yelling and screaming from a  rooftop with a firearm.

  • 5:36 am - The Maine State Police Tactical Team members located Hinkley on the rooftop of 33 Russell Avenue with a firearm/handgun. Moments later he was shot and killed by Maine State Police Tactical Team Members.

Troopers Scott Duff and Trooper Patrick Hall were involved in the officer involved shooting and have been placed on administrative leave. This is standard procedure in any police-involved shooting. Hinkley's criminal activity will be investigated by the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit and the shooting will be handled by the Office of the Attorney General.

Hinkley Had Been Released From Custody Days Earlier When a Court Reduced His Bail

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss shared the notes from the media conference with us, including Leein Hinkley's criminal past. He was released on bail on June 12th, just days before this deadly incident. He had been in custody on a probation violation, involving a 2011 conviction for crimes of domestic violence elevated aggravated assault, as well as a recent arrest for a crime of domestic violence.

He was initially held without bail on the probation violation. But over the objection of the District Attorney's Office, his bail was reduced by the court to $1,500, concurrent, with conditions, including house arrest at a residence in Lewiston.

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