A woman was killed when her moped struck a truck in traffic in Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor Woman Killed as a Result of the Accident

Anita Burdzel, 52, of Bar Harbor died of injuries sustained in the crash.

The Driver of a Pickup Tried to Get Out of the Moped's Way

Bar Harbor Police say it happened at approximately 2:45 Thursday afternoon in the area near Route 102 and Gilbert Farm Road. A pickup truck was stopped in the road, waiting for a vehicle in front of it to turn left, when a moped driven by Ms. Burdzel failed to stop and crashed into the back of it. Police say the truck's driver, Roger Ranco of Waltham, tried to move out of the way when he saw Burdzel approaching, but couldn't avoid the crash.

Officials Believe Speed Was a Factor in the Incident

Burdzel was thrown from the moped. She was transported to a local hospital by the Bar Harbor Fire Department, where she later died of her injuries. Mr. Ranco was not hurt in the incident. Police say initial observations indicate that speed and driver inattention were factors in the crash.

Our condolences to Ms. Burdzel's family and friends.

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