Maine Police say of 2 men wanted by authorities, one is in custody, while the other was found deceased.

People Were Advised Not to Approach Either Suspect

Residents around the state were on alert after the police in two communities asked for information about the whereabouts of two suspects. One of the men has been taken into custody, while the other has been found dead.

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One Incident Happened in Oxford County

Oxford County Sheriff's Office/TheCrimsonRibbon, ThinkStock
Oxford County Sheriff's Office/TheCrimsonRibbon, ThinkStock

After a four-day manhunt, the Oxford County Sheriff's Office says Jacob McGurn has been taken into custody, after turning himself into authorities.  McGurn was last seen in Gilead where he got into a confrontation with another man, during which shots were allegedly fired. When Deputies arrived on the scene, McGurn had left the premises.

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McGurn is charged with:

  • Reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon
  • Terrorizing
  • Domestic Violence Assault
  • Domestic Violence, criminal threatening
  • Driving to endanger

An investigation determined that McGurn had allegedly been involved in another violent altercation in Bethel. Officials say several firearms were seized at the location of both incidents.

A Separate Armed Confrontation Allegedly Occurred in Augusta

Augusta Police Department/art Olympic, Getty Stock/ThinkStock
Augusta Police Department/art Olympic, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

In a separate incident, Augusta, Maine Police were asking for the public's help locating Justin Larrabee, who was wanted on domestic violence charges. Larrabee is accused of threatening his mother and father with a gun on Friday, July 5th. He fled the scene before the police arrived and so a warrant has been issued for his arrest on several charges:

  • Domestic Violence Assault
  • Aggravated criminal mischief
  • Violation of conditions of release
  • Domestic violence criminal threatening
  • Obstructing the report of a crime
  • Operating a motor vehicle while license is currently suspended

On Tuesday, July 9th, Augusta Police received a report of a body under the Cushnoc Crossing Bridge, in the Kennebec River. That deceased person has been identified as Justin Larrabee.

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