UPDATE: A Brownfield woman who was reported missing on Tuesday has been found and is safe.

The Missing Woman Was Located Walking Along a Camp Road

Weslene Marble, 69, of Brownfield was last seen on Hampshire Road in that town just before 1:00 Tuesday. Ms. Marble is impacted by dementia and officials feared she could be very confused.

On Wednesday morning, a Fryeburg resident called authorities to say that a woman matching her description had been seen on Ruth's Way, which is a camp road near Lovewell Pond. She did not require medical attention and was returned to her family.

Officials are Asking for People in the Area to Check Their Outdoor Camera Feeds

Mark Latti with the Maine Warden Service says it's believed she may have headed north on the Pequawket Trail, also known as Route 113 or Route 5, toward Fryeburg, but officials say this direction of travel is uncertain. Investigating officers are asking that anyone with cameras anywhere in this vicinity check their video feeds for any sightings of her. Officials say that she may not have her bike anymore but could have traveled a significant distance by bike or on foot.

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UPDATE MS. Marble has been found and is safe. 

Ms. Marble Had an Electric Bike But May Be On Foot By Now

When Marble was last seen, she was operating a red Trek electric bike with a white bike helmet. She was wearing a pink shirt and had a flourescent green jacket with her. Weslene is 5'2" tall, 145 pounds, with brown hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone who believes they may have seen Weslene or who has information about her whereabouts is urged to contact the Oxford County Sheriff's Office at 207-743-9554, Option 0.

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