The Maine State Police Bomb Squad aided in the investigation of a grenade found in a home.

A Grenade Was Found in an Oxford County Home

The Oxford County Sheriff's Office asked for help from the bomb squad just before 11:30 Wednesday morning after a grenade was found in a West Paris home. When Sergeant Pescitelli and Apprentice Technician Dan Murray arrived on scene and secured the item in question.

An Expert Determined the Grenade Was Viable

Officials say it was an MK2 'pineapple' grenade, which was widely used in World War II, and had limited use in both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. The grenade was unexploded and so the bomb squad used x-ray imaging they observed characteristics consistent with a grenade still containing energetic material. In other words, it was likely still a viable explosive. The grenade was secured in the Bomb Squad's possession for disposal at a later time.

Caller Says the Grenade Probably Belonged to a Family Member

Members of the Oxford County Sheriff's Office talked to the caller, who said that the item most likely came from a family member who had served during World War II or the Korean War.

No one was hurt in the incident.

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