One man is dead after a Maine State Police-involved shooting in Hiram.

Police Have Not Released Any Details About the Deceased

The deceased has been identified as Steven Nelson, 39, of Hiram.

Officials Say the Man Allegedly Pointed a Gun at a Trooper

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says State Police responded Friday to a report of a possible domestic violence incident happening at a Hiram home. When Trooper Zachary Fancy arrived at the scene, he entered the residence and was confronted by a man who allegedly pointed a firearm at him. Trooper Fancy fired his weapon and struck the suspect. The man was later declared deceased at the scene of the incident.

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The Trooper is Now On Administrative Leave

As is standard procedure in police-involved shootings, Trooper Fancy has been placed on administrative leave. The Maine Attorney General's Office will investigate the law enforcement use of force and the Maine State Police Major Crimes South will complete a criminal investigation.

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