As much as we love living in Maine, when we get those tax bills, we still sometimes wonder, "Is this worth being in Maine?" Well, for me it is, but Maine is not a cheap place to live thanks to what we pay in taxes compared to the rest of the country.

Every year, WalletHub ranks every state in the country based on the tax burden on its residents. Their 2024 report is out, and the proof for Maine is in the numbers.

To determine the tax burden on each state, WalletHub takes three pieces of data into account:

  • Property Tax as a Share of Personal Income
  • Individual Income Tax as a Share of Personal Income
  • Total Sales & Excise Tax as a Share of Personal Income

Put that all together, and you'll find that Maine is the fourth most tax-burdened state in the country, with 10.74% of personal income going into Maine's pockets. Maine is only beaten by New York, Hawaii, and Vermont.

New Hampshire is the polar opposite of Maine, coming in at number 49 with a 6.86% tax burden despite having the fourth-highest property tax in the county. Good 'ole sales tax-free New Hampshire helps with that.

Maine got the number one spot for the highest property tax as a share of personal income. I don't know about you, but our property tax keeps increasing.

WalletHub shared this YouTube video of the top five most tax-burdened states. Listen to how the woman in this voiceover says "Maine." I don't think she's ever heard of Maine.

If you want to see where all the states rank and become a little more depressed, angry, or what have you, hit the link to WalletHub's full report.

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