The word has been out for a while that Maine is a culinary treasure.

Areas like Portland, the South Coast, and Bar Harbor get much of the attention, but the state's food scene has no defined borders.

A great example of this can be found in an article that USA Today published about the best restaurant in every state. Maine's representative didn't come from one of those hot spots. It can actually be found up the Midcoast in the town of Warren. Maine's best restaurant, according to USA Today, is the Black Goat Test Kitchen & Supper Club.

Black Goat Supperclub via Facebook
Black Goat Supperclub via Facebook

Located right on the picturesque St. George's River is this restaurant that is self-described as an "anti-restaurant." The Black Goat is an innovative dining experience that allows for unlimited creativity and direction.

The Black Goat is also a throwback. You see, there's just one table in the entire joint. The 12-person table allows for a unique communal experience that harkens back to the days of enjoying time with your neighbors. This isn't just a meal. It's an immersive experience.

Black Goat Supperclub via Facebook
Black Goat Supperclub via Facebook

The set menu is numerous courses that perfectly utilize fresh and local ingredients. And being close to the coast, one would imagine the region's seafood options get plenty of run. As the Black Goat describes it on its website, every dish is a work of art that tells a story. Like I said, this is much more than just a meal.

Here is a little more about Maine's number one restaurant from a Providence Journal review that USA Today shared.

...chefs Derek Ronspies and Cat Biggar prepare the multi-course feasts of Black Goat’s supper club...They collaborate with a local brewery, winery or cidery for a four-course pairing dinner. Their menus are very much a taste of Maine, from local oysters to freshly caught arctic char to native mushrooms or black garlic.

I think it would be difficult to find a more suitable representative for all things Maine cooking. It's about delicious flavors paired with local beverages to enjoy with your community. This is Maine at its finest. It's just a wonderful concept that needs to be copied all over the state.

Congrats to Ronspies and Biggar on this recognition. It's wonderful to see folks still forging along with that great spirit that makes this state so special.

I look forward to my first trip to the anti-restaurant.

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