The city of champions. That's what Boston is and has been for the last 20 years or so.

I mean, really, we have been spoiled for the last two decades with championships across the four major sports organizations (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB).

And we know how we do it in Boston. Win a championship? GET THE DUCK BOATS READY.

Championship parades are a part of Boston. Everyone skips work, goes in late, heads to the city, and cheers on the team. It is always a wild scene in Boston during a championship parade.

And when the Boston Celtics had their parade last week, it was no different. It was wild, but even crazier than you can imagine.

This is Sam Hauser, a forward for the Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics Victory Event & Parade
Getty Images

Hauser went viral during the championship parade because he was caught vomiting into a bucket on the duck boat.

To clarify for those who don't know, during a championship parade, players and fans drink. A lot.

The streets are filled with day drinkers sneaking beers and nips. The boats are full of the team shotgunning beers, popping champagne bottles, and throwing beers to people in the crowd.

Well, if you caught a beer thrown to you at the Celtics parade last week, you may have put your lips on puke. Specifically, Sam Hauser's puke.

Hauser knew he was going to puke from drinking all day and night, and told his wife (who was on the duck boat with him). She quickly started emptying a cooler full of beers, but Hauser could not wait.

With beers still in the cooler, Hauser tossed his cookies.

To give him and his wife credit, awesome job. You can hardly see the throw-up coming out of his mouth in the video, and he pops back up and continues on with the parade and drinking.

To take away credit from Sam Hauser, HE THREW PUKE-COVERED BEERS INTO THE CROWD.

This is coming directly from him. Check out the video above. Instead of tossing out the good, clean beers to the crowd during the parade, he threw the puke-covered beers.

As appalled as I am, what an epic story.

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