The name, 'Hidden Pond', makes perfect sense for this award-winning resort in Kennebunk, Maine.

Not many know of Hidden Pond, which makes the name super ironic. But you should know of this place. In 2023, this place was listed in the top 10% of hotels in the entire world, according to their website.

Even locals like myself are unaware that this place exists.

But take a look at the resort layout below, then I will get into why this place is so cool.

Hidden Pond is where elegance meets nature and serenity. You do not have to compromise class when staying somewhere secluded, private, and quiet.

Hidden Pond has all kinds of luxury stays, from cottages to bungalows, treetop lodges, and more.

The cottages are gorgeous and perfect for families or two couples, as they can host up to five people.

The bungalows are geared more towards couples, as they only house two people. And the treetop stay can hold three. All of the stays are super elegant with fireplaces and high-end furniture/decorations.

But your experience at Hidden Pond will be far more than just a beautiful place to stay.

Earth, the on-site restaurant, is an award-winning establishment adored by locals and visitors of Hidden Pond.

At the resort, you can choose all kinds of activities to entertain yourself and your loved ones, including boat rentals, deep sea fishing, and yoga.

And if activities are not your cup of tea, relax at one of Hidden Pond's three treetop spa centers.

Hidden Pond offers a beautiful and hidden pool, a free shuttle to their sister company, The Tides Beach Club, and craft cocktails.

Check out the Hidden Pond website to see all of their offerings. This place screams tranquility, and is perfect for a family weekend getaway or special celebration for couples.

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