JStew & Cori here... We wanna know: Are you superstitious? If so, what are your superstitious about?

Friday 13th

JStew: Honestly, for me personally, there's a fine line between superstitious and OCD. I have some fairly deep-seeded rituals that keep me from believing in the butterfly effect. In the sense that, if I perform a mundane everyday task like putting my shoes on the same way every time, it will prevent catastrophe in my life. As far as real, old school superstitions, I always always always throw salt over my shoulder if I tip it over. Why tempt fate, right?

Cori: If something bad is going to happen, I've just resigned myself to the fact that it will likely be to me (not in a "ho-hum" kind of way, but rather an "of course it's going to be this bad, why wouldn't it!" kind of way.) And since I've been blessed with a pretty strong sense of humor, I'm rarely surprised when all the bad comes...usually at once. I'm not necessarily one who puts a lot of stock into doing things like making a wish at a certain time, or not walking under a ladder, but it doesn't mean I still won't do them--on the very slim chance it does make a difference. I like to cover my bases--just in case!

We gathered up all your comments from our Facebook page, and from on the air this morning, and put them all here. Some of you are very superstitious, and some not at all. But we all have our opinion! Hahahaha....

Donald Thompson Mine is that if your door opens by itself from the wind, etc a lot of people joke and say “ come on in” your not supposed to do that because you have just invited evil spirits into your home.
Justin Choiniere Making a wish on 11:11.
Mary Klein Drouin Not superstitious at all.
Kari Jo Davis Spilling salt, if I spill salt I scoop it up and toss it over my left shoulder... don't know where that comes from??
Wendy Clewley I believe in spirit. Also my son was born on Friday the 13th & it just so happens that my hubby & late dads birthday is on the same day & my brother & my hubbys brother birthday is the same day lol. So not sure what to think about that.
Sheena Turner I will never touch Ouija boards or play one after all the stories I have heard about them.
Paul Moore I'm not really superstitious but down on the Island there are a lot of superstitions. One of them is that they don't launch wooden boats on a Friday.
Greg Miller Not superstitious really but have had some paranormal experience so maybe you'll ask that question at some point?
Margaret Siemerling Nah. I have enough to worry about in real life, no need adding extra stuff to worry about!
Sunshine I'm not superstitious, and I don't believe in all of that. But I do throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill it because I grew up watching my mom do that. I don't think something bad will happen if I don't do it, but I do it out of habit.
Brian Bent I’m not superstitious but I do wonder about the high cost of butter in Peru.
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