So if the Secretary of State gets his wish you’ll still be able to board a plane, enter a Federal building with your current Maine State driver’s license for quite some time to come. Stunning as it seems this request from the Feds is entering a decade in it existence. The issue being addressed is that our current licenses do not comply with the federal standards, such as digitized photos that can be used with facial recognition technology. This change came after 9/11 put the whole country on alert and inspired more strict regulations for personal identification.

The Portland Press Herald reports that is denied Mainers would need to be required to have the new Real ID by July of next year.  However if the requested waiver goes through we could be looking out as far as Oct. 1, 2020.

Regardless your current Maine license will be fine for voter registration, proving your age and banking. The only pending restrictions would be boarding planes and entering some federal facilities.

If you still have more questions the State has a complete list of frequently asked questions you'll find most helpful.

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