I saw a lot of weird stuff, back in my kitchen days.

I've seen some weird food. Well, maybe not even food. I've broken down a lot of animals over the years, and occasionally you see some really weird byproducts of that process. For instance, when cleaning whole haddock, you'll often find their swim bladder. It's a gnarly, brain-looking thing that's basically their internal ballast, so to speak.

Or the weird, soft, glassy sores on the outside of a swordfish. They almost look like tumors sometimes. But besides that, I've done a lot of fishing over the years. And as you can imagine, anglers will literally try anything for bait, at least once. But if they happen upon a tried and true method, no matter how grody it is, it'll stick.

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Two creatures anglers love are sandworms and bloodworms.

Image of stand with assortment of fishing rods in the sports shop indoor

These critters are like crack for many breeds of fish, and as such, they're in high demand. Bloodworms are the pinkish wormy thing with all sorts of what look like little hairs along the sides of it's body. But the thing is, these can grow up to 14 inches long! So even though they're harmless, you'd freak if you saw one unexpectedly.


Sandworms are absolute nightmare fuel. Even though they don't grow quite as long as the bloodworms can, they get pretty close. But they also like like prehistoric dinosaur worms. If this thing was bigger than you, it would most certainly eat you. They have a huge mouth, and weird legs. they basically look like the sandworms from Dune, but small-scale.

Lugworm; Arenicola; marina

Even worse, you may just unexpectedly run into them mating on the beach.

Yup, according to WMTW, these creepy-crawlies are out there getting some bow-chikka-bow-wow on the beach, and you might just walk up on their oceanside moonlit baby-making session. I'm sure this wonder of nature will automatically make them seem less gross and weird, right? It's the miracle of life.

As for myself, living a slightly more land-locked lifestyle, I hope to be spared this saltwater love-in. But if you're headed towards the coast, with your mind set on some sand between your toes, you may wanna have a quick peek down before you slip off your flip-flops.

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