Before we judge let's all agree it is human nature to become complacent that you are driving a 3500 lb projectile. Cell phones, eating, screwing with the radio it all takes you attention, so be careful and like they say "Just Drive"  That said I think we can also agree that there is a difference between eating a big Mac and trying to read a text. As a rule of thumb, so you know, it takes 5 sec at 55 mph for your car to travel the length of a football field. This is what you see in the video and this is the action that will not be tolerated come September.

In this is video no one thankfully was hurt  they just got a ticket. I am guessing though that when the insurance company sees the report there may be an issue getting coverage because of the driver negligence clause but I am not sure how that works.

And the kindly heads up that the Maine DOT is giving us here is that there will be no grace on this law once it begins on September 19th, No warnings, no slap on the wrists. you'll get a ticket and if your lucky it won't be because you did what this person did.

Reminder: texting while driving is already illegal in Maine. The new law bans the use of handheld phones while driving.


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