As most of us know the employees of the Maine DOT spend a lot of time outdoors. What we may not have thought about is regardless of all their safety precautions ticks can be one of their most formidable opponents. Because of this the Maine DOT made this employee video that contains some great information for anyone looking to avoid ticks this summer.

Along with ways to protect yourself from ticks they also cover many popular beliefs about the little bugs that are just plain false. I.E.

  • You can feel a tick when it bites you
  • Nail polish will kill them
  • Every tick carries disease
  • Ticks die in winter

The other things covered that will help most everyone is how to identify and remove them plus informative time frames about exposure that can really put your mind at ease.

They also show you how to test for ticks in your yard or in the area you plan to be in the woods or anywhere outdoors.


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