Six more weeks of summer?  We certainly hope so!

What has now turned into an annual tradition, yup, this will be the fourth year, Passy Pete, a lobster that resides in Belfast Harbor, will predict summer's end this Labor Day!

By the way, no butter or boiling water is involved in this ritual.  According to a press release from the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, Passy Pete has correctly guesstimated the end of summer the past three years!

Now we can't blame the folks in that city for naming a lobster Passy Pete, because the clairvoyant crustacean is named after the Passagassawakeag River that flows into Belfast Harbor, and Passy is a WHOLE LOT EASIER TO SAY for us out of towners!  By the way, the correct pronunciation of the river is: “Pass-SAG-a-saw-WA-keg”  Um, we'll let the lobster say it.

The Belfast Barons will meet Passy Pete Heritage Park, on the shore of Belfast Harbor this Monday, Labor Day, at 10 a.m.  They will bring along sacred scrolls that are stored at the Belfast Chamber of Commerce.  Summer's end depends on which scroll Passy Pete selects!

Just like Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania, this Maine event is beginning to attract world-wide attention and the lobster is treated with the utmost of dignity!  When Pete has completed his assignment, he will be returned safely to the waters of the chilly Atlantic.

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