I'm not saying we love our dogs more than other states, but...

Well, I guess I am kind of saying that. I have friends from the South, and they've told me several sad tales of how different dog culture is down there. In southern states, and this isn't the hard and fast rule, dogs aren't seen with quite the same level of affection that we give them in these parts.

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Many spend most of their time outdoors, chained up and staring at the neighbors. Here in Maine, we treat our dogs like royalty. My dog definitely spends lots of time on the couch with us, sleeps on our bed, and is basically the coolest roommate in the house. My dog definitely has full run of just about whatever he wants.

On the other hand, traveling when owning a dog can be difficult.

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When you travel and own dogs, it can be kind of a pain. You either have to board/kennel your dogs for an extended period, or you have to travel to places you can get to by car. Up to this point, it is possible to fly with dogs, but it can be cumbersome at best, and terrifying for the dog at worst. There's never really been a good way to do it.

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Until now... You may have heard of BARK Boxes, which is a subscription service that will send you a box of new dog toys on a regular basis. Well those folks have teamed up with a charter airline, to offer an airline dedicated solely to traveling with dogs. It's called BARK Air, according to WABI.

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Ilda masa

Is this in Maine yet?

Right now, the service is only being offered out of New York City, and is servicing Los Angeles and London areas. Soon, they hope to expand into other areas. Imagine what kind of doors it could open, to make it more accessible to travel with your pets, instead of having to leave them home all the time.

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When flying, dogs will arrive about an hour ahead of time, and will be given treats, and there will be calming pheromones, sounds, and colors, to keep the dogs as calm as possible. There will also be many other amenities to make the flight as comfortable for everyone as possible. Seriously, we need this in Maine, stat!!

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