Well this comes as a surprise. The website Zippia put together a list of the snobbiest states in the country, and Maine ranked pretty high, but not quite as high as some of our neighboring states.

No one likes being called a snob, and to put an entire state like Maine into that category, seems like they don't know Mainers very well.

How The Snobbiest States in the U.S. Were Determined

To come up with their ranking of all 50 states based on level of snobiness, Zippia used four factors when looking at each state:

1. The percent of population with a bachelor’s degree
2. The percent of degree earners with a degree in arts and humanities
3. The number of Ivy League colleges
4. The gallons of wine consumed yearly

So just so we're clear, a good education and love of wine makes you a snob? Clearly Zippia has never been to Maine, because I'm pretty sure we drink more coffee brandy and Fireball per capita than wine.

What are the actual numbers here?

Let's break this down with a Google search of the snob parameters chosen by Zippia:

1. 32% of Mainers have a bachelor degree or higher
2. 27.8% of Mainers have a degree in arts and humanities
3. There are no Ivy League schools in Maine
4. 3.9 million gallons of wine are consumed each year by Mainers, ranked 39th in the country

So looking at those numbers, it's solely based on education that Maine is ranked as snobby.

All of New England Made The Top 10

Maine ended up ranked 9th in the nation for it's level of snobbitry. (I may have just made that word up) However, when it comes to New England, we are the least snobby, with Massachusetts taking the crown for the entire country. Yeah that's right. Massholes are the snobbiest. Here's how New England ranked:

1. Massachusetts
2. Vermont
3. Connecticut
5. New Hampshire
6. Rhode Island
9. Maine

While we dispute that Maine is the ninth snobbiest state in the country based on this very unscientific data without Zippia taking a visit to the state past Cumberland County, we fully agree that the other New England States results are spot on. Is that being snobby?


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