This guy clearly failed art class...or he has an eye for abstract art.

A for effort, F for artistic capabilities. A dude from Whitefield was pulled over because his inspection sticker didn't look quite right to a passing State Trooper. By 'quite right' we mean 'not all.' By the way, it's a class E crime to do this.

The guy was given a criminal summons for Displaying a Fictitious Inspection Sticker. He also had a gun in the truck and didn't tell the officer about it until he was asked to step out of the vehicle due to the smell of marijuana. So he also received a summons for Failing to Inform Law Enforcement of a Concealed Firearm.

We've seen a few examples of these pieces of art on Facebook in the past. Here's another gem.

Just so everyone knows. Making your own State of Maine Inspection Sticker and affixing it to your vehicle is a Class E...

Posted by Livermore Falls Police Department on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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