What kind of party person are you?

I guess over my lifetime, I've been several versions of a "party person". I used to be the quiet guy in the corner, bored to tears. I've also been known to have a few more than I should and end up getting a little bit crazy. Maybe a lot crazy. But those days are long gone for the most part. These days, I like to got to bed early more than I like to stay out late and party.

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Mary Gascho

Having lived in multiple areas of the state, I'm kind of familiar how party etiquette works in a lot of different areas. It's not surprising, every town kind of has their own version of, "well, around here we do it like this..." Unsurprisingly, there are also neighboring/rival towns that are only too eager to share what they believe to be the reality about the other towns around them.

What kind of party person is your town?

As I said above, depending on what town you're from, people will always have opinions about them. Either local opinions of your own, or the outside perspective on where you live. For instance, people have all kinds of opinions about Lewiston, whether they're true or not. Or about Cape Elizabeth.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA at Portland Head Light.
Sean Pavone

But let's take the wind out of those sails for a minute and frame it a different way I saw on Reddit. How about we look at how Mainers would describe various Maine towns as if they were people showing up to a party. the comments I saw were a nice mix of the "truth" about certain places, mixed with humor.

There really aren't any right or wrong answers here. Although I lost count of how many times people from different towns seemed to think some of the descriptions were startlingly accurate. So let's take a deep dive right now into what I thought were the 50 best comments out of some 300 ideas on Reddit. Pure gold. Enjoy...

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