Have you ever tried to describe where you live?

I think every town and city in Maine has something unique about it that you could easily use a benchmark to let someone know where you're talking about. For instance, you could say the phrase "time and temp building" to almost anyone in Southern Maine and they'll likely know you're talking about Portland.

Time and temperature building in Portland, Maine, on June 21, 2019.
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Or if you simply said to almost anyone, "Paul Bunyan statue", they'd immediately know you were talking about Bangor. And I really do believe it's a universal constant, statewide. So how would you describe where you live to someone who wasn't from there, yet would know exactly where you're talking about?

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What's the unique feature of your town?

Perhaps Augusta could say they have the ugliest statue in the United States, although I don't think Tony looks that bad. Westbrook could easily be referenced by it's old mill days when the city smelled like wet socks wrapped in newspapers. There's something everywhere. And that's what one person wanted to know on Reddit.

Google Street View
Google Street View

This user put it out there, and the answers were truly stellar. What's funny, is that as I was personally looking at the list, I wasn't stumped once. Ok, maybe once or twice, but I was amazed at how many I got right. Some were super obscure, yet they still made sense.

So let's take a look at a few dozen towns that people came up with wildly accurate depictions of. If you go to the original thread, it's also fun to watch people's occasionally wrong guesses. It's worth the price of admission... Let's scope the list right now...

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