Here's what will be happening within the construction zone for the coming week.

The contractor will be working in the areas stated below for the week:

- Placing new drainage from Crooked Road to Breakneck Road

- Backing up shoulders and driveways from Sand Point Road to East Hillside Drive

- Fine grading from East Hillside Drive to Crooked Road

- Paving from East Hillside Drive to Crooked Road

- The utility companies will be conducting working from the Breakneck Road/ Ocean Avenue to the Bluffs, and West Street to Eagle Lake Road
All southbound traffic on Route 3 will ride through the project, so please be considerate of those that are working there and directing traffic. All northbound traffic continues to be diverted onto the Crooked Road detour.  Please drive slowly through this area as  residents and animals are not used to so much traffic on the Crooked Road.

The project should be completed by the Spring of 2019

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