After my mom passed away we were careful to remove all of her leftover medications. Because I have been involved in several drug take back day I knew not to put them down the sink or toilet and not to put them into the trash.

I took advantage of one of the proper ways to dispose of them.  I took them out of the bottles, put them into plastic bags and deposited them in the drug return box at the Brewer Police Department.

So how glad was I for families like me and other who need to safely dispose of drugs no longer needed safely to see the Fox t report from Old Town.

Reported by Fox News, the police department there had a new system where people pick up this special bag thingy, place the drugs inside, add water and presto you can put the whole thing right into your regular trash.

Deputy Chief Lee Miller told the them the police department received a grant which enabled them to provide 1,000 of the bags called - Deterra bags.  Miller went on to say there is an ingredient in the bag which deactivates the drugs and then both bag and inert drugs can be thrown in the trash. He stressed how important it is to get rid of any unused medications to prevent accidents with elders and children. Each bag can destroy up to 45 pills. Deterra bags are available to the public at the Old Town Police Department.

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