The National Spelling Bee is happening this week in Washington DC and we could not be more proud of the local kids who made it!

From New Hampshire:  Amanda Medina from Lee and Claire Gemme from Keene.

From Massachusetts:  Will Robson from Marblehead, Navin Ramesh from North Chelmsford, Jasper Ralph from Aquinnah, Torah Smith from Fitchburg, Ashrita Gandhari from North Andover, Mira Yu from Boston and Ranjana Ramesh from North Chelmsford

From Maine:  Iann Leigh from Bangor and Colin Aponte from Blue Hill.

These kids are super smart!  Think you could do better?  Think again.  There's a test you can take to see if you could compete.  Usually, I would go ahead and publish what my results were, but they were so bad that I just couldn't do it.  I should go back to school!

Go kids!  According to the Spelling Bee website, the finals are Thursday night.  The prizes for the winner are no joke!  We're talking some serious cash here!

Go New England!


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