On Wednesday, August 5th, a Honda Accord driven by Caleb Cooperrider, 35 of Croton, Ohio, was traveling southbound at a high rate of speed, when his vehicle crossed into the northbound lane in Somesville resulting in a 4 car accident. Despite being Lifeflighted to Bangor Cooperrider passed away.

The story doesn't end there, as Cooperrider's family made the generous decision to have his organs donated so others might live. In a Facebook Post on August 9th Alexander Traxler wrote

Caleb is in currently in surgery. They have found a recipient for his heart, lungs and liver (and most likely kidneys but not matched yet). We all feel a sense of peace & pride as we know his last act of kindness is saving five lives & his heart will go on

They gave our Dude a walk of honor for being an organ donor. Aisle after aisle of staff lined up to pay honor and thank Caleb B Cooperrider. As we walked him to surgery they played Bob Dylan, "Man in me" off the The Big Lebowski soundtrack.. We as a family chanted OH, & the amazing staff answered IO...after we explained the ritual of it all of it to them. After lobster rolls at a mom & pop diner that Caleb would approve of we are going to Cadillac Mountain. It was the destination Caleb was heading for when his accident happened.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Caleb, and those injured in the accident

Thanks to Rhonda Pillsbury for the information

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