Once again this year I'll be out in the cold ( this year for I-95) hoping that you will help me feed our friends and neighbors in need with the 'Ton Pasta Food Drive" This year we'll be out on February 9th from 10 - 2 at the Hannaford at the Airport Mall on Union Street.

So get your friends together there if you would and donate.  Either pasta or donations of money are great.  I'll have runners with me that day to go in and buy pasta and Hannaford generally plans or us to do this with extra stock and a sale.

Now as a group Town Square Media will have stations in several locations and you can donate at any of them:

Airport Mall Hannaford: WWMJ I-95—Dorian Daniels, proceeds go to Manna and area food cupboards

Brewer Hannaford: WBZN—Kid and Sabreezy, proceeds go to Manna and area food cupboards

Old Town Hannaford: WQCB—Nelson Jewell, proceeds go to Cross Road Ministries

Ellsworth Hannaford: WDEA—Chris Popper, proceeds go to Loaves and Fishes Food Cupboard

Of course, I hope to raise the most right there on Union Street.

Thanks for whatever you can do!