I had never known it had a name or a diagnosis, although I have known people who suffer from what is termed ‘intermittent explosive disorder’ or IED for short. Folks who are said to have this condition have a tendency towards hostile and sometimes aggressive and often disproportionate outbursts of anger. For most individuals with these predispositions will have their first signs of anger bursts in adolescence, at around 13 for boys and 19 for girls

But there is good news, researchers from University of Chicago have found a protein called ‘CRP’ in the blood that they feel causes and therefore can diagnose the condition. They are saying that these proteins make that person’s immune system prone to inflammation which can cause them to have a shorter fuse. These scientists also found an when the additional molecule ‘IL-6’ is present with ‘CRP’ can make the effects more acute causing even worse behavior. They added that these factors do not appear to indicate any other mental problems.

However, it is to no one’s surprise that IED raises the risk of other forms of effects including depression, anxiety, and alcohol or drug abuse, and physical issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and headaches.

Their resulting conclusion is that since this is an inflammation problem causing the issues over the counter medications such as aspirin could help to calm those who suffer from IED.  If you know someone who suffers from this it seems worth a shot.

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