The internet won't help you find weed.

Marijuana shops are having a rough time getting their businesses going. Major banks aren't accepting their money and now they can't advertise! Google, Facebook and Twitter will not allow ganjapreneurs advertise their products due to their ad policies.

According to Facebook's advertising guidelines 'Ads may not promote or facilitate the sale or consumption of illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco products, or drug or tobacco paraphernalia.' Facebook has said that ads that promote advocacy and legalization efforts are more than welcome.

Twitter's ad policy is similar, banning the promotion of 'drugs and drug paraphernalia globally.'

Google's AdWords policy is the wordiest in banning the 'promotion of illegal drugs, legal or synthetic highs, herbal drugs, chemicals and compounds with psychoactive effects, drug paraphernalia, or aids to pass drug tests.' Google added that they do review and change the policy often and that perhaps things will change in the near future.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow alcohol advertising.