From overdressing to laughing at inappropriate moments, experts have unveiled a comprehensive list of the “creepiest” personality traits. Psychologists set out to discover the habits that put us off other people - and came up with a list so long, there are few people who won't be guilty of at least one of them.

The study, entitled On the Nature of Creepiness, is believed to be the first of its kind. It quizzed 1,341 people online and define the trait as what what we feel when 'we think someone might be a threat, but we’re not sure why'.

Here are a few:

  • Standing too close to your friend
  • Having greasy or unkempt hair
  • Licking your lips too frequently
  • Wearing dirty clothes
  • Having bulging eyes or bags under your eyes
  • Dressing oddly or being overdressed for the occasion
  • Having a peculiar smile
  • Laughing at unpredictable times
  • Having long fingers

Add to that there are certain occupations that appear to creep us out a little more than others.  Here a big surprise Clowns come in at number one, poor little fluffy haired guys. To be fair here are the top 10

  1. Clown
  2. Taxidermist
  3. Sex Shop Owner
  4. Funeral Director
  5. Taxi Driver
  6. Unemployed
  7. clergy
  8. Janitor
  9. Garbage Collector
  10. Guard

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