Here is what greeted me outside Shaw’s in Bangor over the weekend. And hunger must have overwhelmed me because I didn’t see it until on the way out.


Scott Miller
Scott Miller
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And this is certainly in no way the only place you can buy your pumpkin. Grocery stores, gardening centers, and farms for certain have pumpkins for sale already.

Nor is this a shot at Shaw’s. It’s just where I stopped in and the exterior has this beautiful display.

Just made me think, if you bought a pumpkin now would it still be around in 60 days? A deer,squirrel, or some kind of animal would mess with it before then was my thought.

But some do decorate their exteriors for Halloween, and that look certainly has appeal.

Labor Day is coming this weekend, so I guess the element of surprise shouldn’t be rearing up. We are not that far from ‘actual’ fall.

Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, all right around the corner. Or actually, already here.

So drink your pumpkin spice and wish for the fall foliage and the cooler temperatures and all things autumn. Go ahead, wear your pumpkin scented cologne. It’s all good.

All this means I guess is that time flies and we can’t slow it down, speed it up or do anything but go along for the ride.

And also that we can’t control when businesses are going to lead the way into ‘what’s next on the agenda’

Last question though, when is it okay to hang this outside the front door?

Photo by David Beale on Unsplash
Photo by David Beale on Unsplash

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