Make sure that tone arm and stylus are pointed in the right direction because Record Store Day is here!

Saturday, April 21st, is Record Store Day!  A day when vinyl lovers everywhere head to their favorite record store to pick up some fabulous new releases. There's absolutely no doubt that most are collector's items!

How about a seven-inch single that has previously unreleased versions of Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" and "Friends" on it?  Both recently remastered by Jimmy Page!

How about the AC/DC classic "Back In Black", on cassette?  Wow, I remember selling those by the hundreds when I used to work at DeOrsey's record store in the Maine Coast Mall in Ellsworth.....WAY back when!  Do you remember DeOrsey's?

Def Leppard has a new release for tomorrow, Live at Abbey Road - Which is a 12-inch single that was recorded at the famed studios in London back in 2008.

How about a 7-inch vinyl single of Roxanne, The Police classic?

If you're a fan of the Grateful Dead, there's three new releases for you tomorrow!  There's Jerry Garcia's solo album Run for the Roses.  Also Dylan & The Dead, which was recorded back in 1987 when the Dead back up Bob Dylan.  And, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69, which used to be on CD but has been out of print since 2005.

One place where customers will be lining up at sunrise is Bull Moose on the Hogan Road in Bangor, which is the only store in the area listed at  It looks like they'll have a really cool selection all lined up up for tomorrow, and here's their guy to tell you more.


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