In summer this is perfect, winter...not so much.

As the day of love approaches, Redbook Magazine is looking to inspire adorable dates in celebration. They listed the Best Dates in the 50 States...some are better than others.

If frost bite sounds like a hot date, they recommend a merry trip to Acadia National Park's Cadillac Mountain. In summer, great idea! Winter...probably a beautiful view, but not romantic frolicking weather.

New Hampshire also has a seasonal romantic destination, Mount Monadnock. They recommend a lil trip up 'the second-most hiked mountain in the world.' Summer, yes. Winter, no thanks.

Vermont has a winter worthy date! Redbook recommends some snow-shoeing in Stowe!

Cuddling up at the Marblehead’s Federalist-Mansion Inn is the publication's pick for Massachusetts. They recommend a stay at the inn 'for harborside views, sailor pubs and the lighthouse.'

Guys, we're lucky this year. The date plan is essentially picked for us with the opening of the '50 Shades of Grey' flick. If you smell burning, no's just your man cards. However, hopefully your sacrifice will be rewarded later. Giggity.

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