Some things just sound made up, but somehow aren't.

These days, you read about weird/bad things happening to people all the time. Some of those things are just the universe screwing them over, other times it's the people just screwing themselves over. We've all been there, and typically we all try to learn from our mistakes. Or, we just keep making more of them.

But when you hear about a doctor being suspended, you usually assume it's malpractice, or they're writing bad prescriptions or something like that. But how about stealing a car? That's not one you read every day. Or just flat-out missing appointments. But not just a few... like dozens of appointments.

It sounds like a television show.

According to the Village Soup, Rockland's Dr. Kevin F. Strong, M.D., has had his license to practice suspended by the state for all those things you read above. Not to mention alleged harassment of his ex-wife's lawyer's office, and a host of other reasons, Strong has been seen as unfit for practice.

And finally, after multiple reports, many to police, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine suspended Strong, as of September 10. Currently, he's been offering substance abuse treatment options out of his office, which is not affiliated with any Maine hospital.

What's next, then?

Well, it's hard to say, but considering many of his own charges seem to stem from his own alleged substance abuse issues, it may be a minute before he can continue to treat people for theirs. Plus, Strong will face charges in court in November for allegedly stealing the car. If guilty, Strong could face fines or even jail time.

It's always sad to watch anyone sort of unraveling in the public eye. It's also sad to watch people who need help, and not get it. And this may not just refer to Strong's patients. He may need some help too. Hopefully in this case, over time, the physician can heal thyself.

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