They've been the talk of social media now for months, those little rodents, and now Central Maine Power is preparing you for even more ramifications of their furry little mischievous actions.

Squirrels.  There's a butt-load of them out there this year! Forget about the skunks, rabbits, turkeys, or even porcupines, this year there's an abundance of dead squirrels splattered all over the side of the road!

There's so many squirrels that online folks have produced posts on how to save your decorative Halloween pumpkins from them, a recipe for squirrel pot pie, a squirrel snacking on a used condom, a Twitter account dedicated to the dead squirrels of Maine, and now a warning from Central Maine Power that your toaster may not pop and that your TV may shut off, because of a squirrel.

It's nothing new, power outages caused by the curious and scrambling little bastards have happened time and time again, so the folks at CMP are correct in warning us about future "squirrel interference."

One morning earlier this summer while reading the new online in the morning, I heard a "zap" outside the window.  Laying in the road was a motionless squirrel.  It had fallen from the power line. I thought the unfortunate critter was dead.  A few minutes later, it picked itself up and dusted itself off, and then hoofed it for the safety of the woods, more than likely clueless as to what had happened.

Apparently Mother Nature produced enough food last season so that oodles and oodles of the horny little fur-balls reproduced in record numbers, and now this year because of "rodent interaction", everything from our crops in the field to our pot roast cooking in the oven are paying the price.

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