There is a bill going through Arizona to make personal finance mandatory in high school to graduate. Brilliant!


Of course Maine should adopt this. All states should teach kids personal finance. Things like balancing a check book and credit.

According to NewsCenter Maine's reporting,

Under the bill, financial literacy and personal financial management would have to be taught as part of the required economics credit needed to graduate.

Yes, yes, yes. To be ready for the real world, learning about credit and budgets and how to handle money should most certainly be mandatory to graduate. It should be considered as important as reading and writing.

I think it's old school thinking that parents will take care of this teaching. Online banking, money moving apps like Venmo...hell, I'd like to take a class.

I am sure that finances are not currently ignored in Maine high schools, but how much focus is paid to the vital life lessons? Should it be a requirement to graduate? I think it would be an amazing requirement...


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