23 Reasons From 2016 To Be Cheerful
You know me always looking for the up side of everything.  Go ahead call me Patty Positivity or Optimistic Annie and you'll hear no arguments from me.  So here is another video much like the Win Compilation but better because this is science based not silly or an accident...
Can You Out Run A Fart
This seems like a ridiculous question unless you are married or dating or in any contact what so ever with a man. Now let me be perfectly clear that is isn't only men who pass gas.  However, it is pretty much only men who really seem to enjoy the process and appear to find pleasure in seei…
Can You Trust Your Ears
This is a cool science video that shows how what we see and where we re from can actually effect the way and what we hear.  I watched and have to confess I heard Far and I thought the tone was going up continually.  Check it out and see if you agree:)
muppet Building Powers Itself
I think the coolest thing about this new design it that even a light breeze can generate it's just getting use to the look of the thing.  Meet Straw Scraper.
All around the world engineers and scientists are looking for alternative power...