The Kennebunk prostitution scandal court saga officially begins this morning with jury selection. 

At York County Superior Court in Alfred this morning, a pool of 250 potential jurors has arrived for the pending trial of Mark Strong, 57, of Thomaston. The first 150 people were led into the courtroom that has seating for 110, the second 100 will follow later.


Mark Strong has pleaded not guilty to 59 misdemeanors, including promotion of prostitution, violation of privacy and conspiracy to commit those misdemeanors.

Strong's alleged partner in the prostitution scandal, Alexis Wright, 30, of Wells is scheduled for trail sometime in May.

One has to wonder how potential jurors anywhere on the Eastern seaboard has not heard of the Zumba prostitution scandal in Kennebunk and not formed an opinion on it.  But wonders never cease.  After jury selection, Mark Strong's trial is expected to last from two to three weeks.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out ... and if video will be shown as evidence.