In the hustle and bustle of this modern age, there's a spot right in Brewer that brings you back to simplicity and wonder to bring you back to being grounded.

It sits on the banks of the Penobscot River and features gardens, a waterfall, a bridge over a babbling brook, and lots of places for repose.

The ultimate Zen spot in the Bangor area is the Children's Garden on the Brewer Riverwalk.

This delightful little spot is a place to escape and find a place of wonder through the hedge mazes, swinging tree leaves, and beautiful flowers that reside here. You can even take a seat with your chess set at one of the two chess tables made of granite and play a few games with a friend if you like.

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The quiet serenity in this spot brings a quiet repose that any adult stressed about this or that can go walk around, take in the multitude of plants and flowers, eat lunch as the breeze blows off the river, and listen to the waterfall that is the centerpiece of the area.

This special spot is outfitted mostly with beautiful granite and fine landscaping that does not distract from the beauty of nature that you get enveloped in.

It truly is a spot to get your Zen here in the Bangor area. Even though this spot is named the Children's Garden, which children always want to run through and wander about it, this spot can certainly be appreciated by any adult.

Take in the sights of the Children's Garden on the Brewer Riverwalk with our gallery below.

Take In the Zen of Brewer's Children's Garden

Located on the Riverwalk in Brewer, this delightful little spot takes you back to a place of curiosity and simplicity that kids love to wander through and adults can sit and relax.

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