So far, this crazy conspiracy has paid off every time.

So.... As the theory goes, every year since 2004, when the MLB releases the logo for the World Series, if it contains two flags in the logo, then the Sox win the series. This is consistent every time. 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018. But... this year, the logo only contains a total of zero flags. So, it seems we're screwed.

For some context, you can watch this video from a few years ago, and it pretty much sums up the whole theory. Honestly, I hadn't thought much about the whole flag conspiracy until the Sox made it to the AL finals. While I was watching the Sox/Astros game on Friday night. So I immediately looked up the 2021 World Series logo.

So what happens if our beloved Red Sox do win?

Will this oddball theory go by the wayside? Hard to say. But I bet those baseball fans that looooove to be superstitious about things aren't putting any of their money down on the Sox this year. Although, part of me feels like I should, haha. They always say when it's a split between the favorites, go with the long shot.

At any rate, let's face it. Who cares what it takes to get our beloved Red Sox to be the 2021 World Champions?! As long as there's no big money, pre-season collusion going on. I mean, I guess I wouldn't be surprised to find out pro baseball was basically another WWE-styled sport.

Granted, the bulk of baseball history isn't on our side. The Sox went decades, nay, the better part of a century without winning a World Series. To be honest, I never really assume that luck is on our side. But if they do win...Just remember, I hopped on the conspiracy bandwagon first, hahahaha.

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