Have you ever been to the top of New England? Mount Washington is the tallest peak in the Northeast and east of the Mississippi River, at 6,288 feet above sea level. It can be seen on a clear day from as far away as Portland, parts of Vermont, and even Massachusetts.

The Mount Washington Auto Road has been operating since 1861, and you can actually drive all the way to the summit when the weather permits. At the top is Mt. Washington State Park, home of the Mount Washington Observatory where the fastest wind speeds on Earth were recorded in 1934.

The summit of Mt. Washington is also home to two of our radio stations (both sister stations,) 94.9 WHOM and 103.7 The Peak. Both stations broadcast from our studios at One City Center in Portland, and have transmitters on the top of the mountain.

We ascended to the top of the Auto Road on the afternoon of October 10. It was 57°F at the base of the mountain when we started, and 2°F (wind chill of -20°F) when we arrived at the top around 3:00pm. Wind gusts while we were on top were between 55 and 60 MPH.

Here's what it looked like!