Everyone in the world should see this video. Seriously.

When I say everyone should see this video, I mean it. The only way bulling will stop is if we make it. I try not to remember the days of middle school and my first few years of high school. It wasn't all bad but I definitely dealt with my share off bullying. I was pushed around, teased, manipulated and had my homework stolen on several occasions. There where plenty of missed school days for me because I didn't want to deal with that crap.

I broke free of fear by surrounding myself with real friends who didn't put up with ignorant people. I was a lucky dude to have great friends who helped me break out of my shell and turn my high school experience into a great one.

Some people aren't as lucky as I was. Some kids and teens and even young adults never see and end to the torture. Why? Because no one says anything!

This video I saw on Facebook thanks to their new auto-play feature. I almost passed the video up but after a few seconds I was hooked.

The Bully Experiment is cut and dry. Two actors start a homework influenced fight right in front of someone. That someone will either do something to stop the fight, or turn a blind eye. The end result of the experiment, wasn't promising...