National Black Bear Day is a brand new observation day for our furry Maine mascot.

The powers that be have declared the first Saturday in June, National Black Bear Day to recognize the United States and North America's most commonly found bear.

The scientific name for the raiders of our bird-feeders is Ursus americanus. According to the National Day folks, black bears aren't always black. They come shades of cinnamon, blue/black, blue/grey and in rare instances, white. You can run into these beautiful bears in 40 U.S. states and every Canadian province, but don't try to pat one. They also boast one massive territory only beaten by one other four-legged mammal, the whitetail deer.

So on Saturday if you'd like to celebrate the very first Black Bear Day without having to roam through the Maine woods you can find beautiful bears at these fine Wildlife Preserves.

Kisma Preserve in Trenton , where you can feed the bears at certain times.

DEW Haven which is a family-run zoo and rescue in Mount Vernon, Maine.

And then there is always the statue at the University of Maine in Orono but that's a bit dry don't you think?

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