We are all trying to be more sensitive to our carbon footprint and making less trash. And yet if we don't know that better options exist we can't use them now can we. I just found out today about this biodegradable plastic flatware made from avocado pits, brilliant.

They are made in Mexico by a company called Biofase from the pits that would have gone into landfills. Because they are in essence made from a waste product the cost is lower so they don't cost more to make then regular plastics made from petroleum. Therefore you can use them too with out breaking the bank to be more conscientious. I even found them on Amazon where a 24 piece set is about 10 bucks and a 360 piece set with a tray and other stuff is about 35 bucks.  Pretty doable. And best of all when your party is over these can go right into the compost pile. Party on.

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